Formed in 1991 to assist and promote the BIA movement in British Columbia,
Business Improvement Areas of British Columbia (BIABC) is the provincial
champion of strong, vibrant and successful downtowns, main streets and
commercial districts throughout our province.




Creating partnerships
neighbourhoods grow from.

Your BIABC has forged important, beneficial and lasting partnerships with organizations like Terasen Gas, BC Hydro and Fortis BC, the International Council of Shopping Centres and the International Downtown Association. These relationships enable BIABC members to access tools that will help shape and enhance neighbourhoods, save money and source local BC solutions and perspectives using a global network of urban developers and contacts. 

Placemaking is one of those buzzwords that we mention a lot around here, but what exactly is it?
the collective approach to planning, design, and management of public spaces with the intention ...
It pays to be a member! Did you know that BIABC has a Member Benefits Program? More value means more engagement, and the BIABC is excited to offer its members something more. Available to any business ...
*NEW DEADLINE* @governmentofbc Securing Small Business Rebate applications for incidents that occurred in 2023, has been extended until January 31, 2025! Take a closer look at the latest changes to th ...
Good things come in 3's, 4's or more! Sometimes you need a series of small events to make your summer feel 𝘫𝘢𝘴𝘡 a little bit longer.
🎡 @downtownabbotsford | Jam in Jubilee | Until Jul 25
🍿 @downtownv ...
This gateway to Vancouver – once serving as the first street-car route in the City – now connects people and places in a friendly urban village. Located at the crossroads of Vancouver and Burnaby, @sh ...
Give your business a digital edge.
Access grants of up to $2,400 through the Canada Digital Adoption Program to propel your online presence, enhance e-commerce operations, or digitize your business p ...
Supporting your local small businesses is about knowing your community, about creating the world you want, and thinking about what you support with your spending.
Knowing our shared history is a big ...
BIA events come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and flavours. From big single-day festivals, block parties, movie nights and more!
πŸŽͺ @cambievillage | Jun 29 | Public Market
πŸ“ @downtownabbotsford | Jul ...
BIABC is undertaking a campaign to engage all political parties leading up to the October provincial election. As was outlined at our recent conference in Kamloops, BIABC is working with a communicati ...
Three cheers for Dad! πŸ₯Έ Happy Father's Day to the dad-like figure in your life!
This Father's Day, show your love with a thoughtful gift from a BC small business. Find some inspiration at ...


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