General Advocacy Issues

BIABC Key Advocacy Priorities 2024


Repeal of decriminalization of drugs

BIABC recognizes the complexity of the issues paguing communities across BC and continues advocating for new policy decisions and investments to address root causes such as mental health, addictions and housing. Without adequate access to treatment and support services, it's clear that decriminalization is not working in its present form - and communities are bearing the socialand societal costs.


A review of the mandatory five-day sick leave policy for all employees

This policy was established in response to the pandemic and applies to all employees covered by the Amplotment Standards Act, including part-time, temporary and casual. While there is a positive ecenomic and social benefit, it is one of several employer-related costs that have increased in recent years - and puts the onus on a business owner to pay the employee taking sick leave along with the employee backfilling that position. We are advocating for a review, in consultation with the business community - on options such as a rebate or subsidy that reduces the financial liability for businesses without placing an administrative burden on them.


Ongoing monitoring of the Securing Small Business Rebate Program

BIABC strongly advocated for the creation of the Program and supported recent adjustments to streamline the process. The Association will continue monitoring progress to ensure the program is meeting its desired results.

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